Studio Visit – Warrior Studios, Loughborough Junction, London

Loughborough Junction is a little known territory on Coldharbour Lane between Brixton and Camberwell. Largely residential, with little else of note, it is home to creative clusters of artists who have their studios under the railway arches.

At Arch 264 is Warrior Studios; a creative space for 12 artists who work in a variety of disciplines from analogue light and sound installations to mixed media.

Tucked away off the main road it would be easy to miss, yet this little known space opens twice a year to the public during Camberwell Arts Open Studios. The next one is 17-18 June 2017.

Duncan McAfee trained as a painter at Chelsea College of Arts and now produces collage based work, which incorporate painting and drawing.

Duncan McAfee image

Phil Dobson uses lettering as the basis for his work, adapting and reconfiguring the shapes to produce new forms. His paintings are built from layers of paint, which sit proud on the board surface which he then sands away and builds up with a new layer. The results are bright, considered and draw in the viewer as they seek to understand the new forms that are presented.

Phil Dobson paintings

Hugh Gilmour’s work is the result of asking the question “what happens when nature meets modern materials like plastic”. He produces sculptures in mixed media which are both beautiful and disturbing at the same time. His bird sculptures wear gas masks and have their feet embellished with trails of beading as he creates new a futuristic species. Gilmour uses a combination of found objects such as clock parts or shells in his work and results are captivating.

Gilmour bird

A visit to the studio reveals the collegial atmosphere the artists have created. They support one anothers work and seek out opportunities to exhibit together . Several of them are showing at OVADA in Oxford this spring.

Building on this they have established Warrior Press where they produce a limited edition about twice a year. The limited editions have previously comprised of a box of prints to which each artist contributes, and a story book which was developed into a dvd.

The artists are currently preparing for Camberwell Arts Open Studios.

During open studios visitors can buy directly from the artists and learn about their processes and inspiration. You can visit the studios during the weekend of 17-18 June 2017, where they open their studios to the public and welcome visitors.

Aiming for Eternity – Janet Brooke’s Wren Church linocuts

Aiming for Eternity; a series of lino prints of the Wren churches of London by Janet Brooke

In 2005 Janet Brooke produced a print of St Brides Church which she didn’t realize at the time would become the first of a series of Wren Churches of London.

The series was completed in spring 2015 bringing the total number of prints to 33. Aiming for Eternity is the exhibition of these prints that are shown together for the first time.  These sophisticated lino prints are inspired by the Japanese woodblock tradition where you can see the tonal changes across a surface.

Brooke captures little known vistas of these old spires, many of which are dwarfed by the neighbouring tower blocks of modern London. Often set against contemporary construction cranes and street furniture, the artist creates a tension with the use of red traffic lights, bollards restricting access and one way street signs. The historic churches, often overlooked by many busy pedestrians, are presented with all the paraphanalia of the square mile.

The exhibition title takes it’s name from a quote by Sir Christopher Wren who wrote ‘Architecture aims at eternity’; quite apt given these churches stand proud some 300 years after being rebuilt.

Aiming for Eternity is on display at Gallery 101 at the Salvation Army HQ at 101 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4EH from Monday 18th May to Friday 19th June 2015.

The exhibition is free entry.

The opening times are 0830 to 1615 Monday to Friday. Closed weekends.

The prints in the exhibition are available to buy through Orso Major.

Aiming for Eternity – Lino prints by Janet Brooke RE

The full series of lino prints of Wren churches are to be shown together in a new exhibition by Orso Major hosted by the Salvation Army HQ at Gallery 101, 101 Queen Victoria Street, London.  The site sits in the shadow of numerous Wren churches including his masterpiece, St Paul’s Cathedral.

The exhibition, Aiming for Eternity, takes place from 18th May to 19th June 2015.

The Private View for the exhibition will take place on the evening of Wednesday 20th May from 6pm to 8.30pm.  Please email to RSVP.

The exhibition takes place just yards from both St Nicholas Cole Abbey and St Mary Somerset and is the perfect backdrop to a body of work that has taken nearly a decade to complete.

The art works shown are all available at Orso Major Gallery, and are priced at £225 unframed.

JB Exh May2015 JB Exh May2015 3

Aiming for Eternity Poster 2-A3

Sarah Hamilton’s home featured in a new book

Our artist Sarah Hamilton has her home featured in a the fabulous new book, Maker Spaces, by Emily Quinton.

Sarah’s mid century South London home with it’s views of the City is the backdrop to her creative endeavours.
Mollie Makes calls the book “a feast for the eyes”.  You can get your copy of Emily’s book here

MakerSpaces books

MollieMakes 2015

Paintings by Roo Waterhouse join Orso Major

The fabulous original paintings by Roo Waterhouse join Orso Major this spring.  Roo Waterhouse is an artist based in West Yorkshire with collectors of her work all around the UK.

In her work Roo likes to observe and contemplate the (extra)ordinary things of everyday life depicting objects in situ, often larger than life. She loves to paint using oils – the traditional medium of reverential portraiture. Her beautifully detailed oil paintings observe and appreciate our relationships with the often unnoticed familiar artefacts in our everyday surroundings; exploring how they can hold onto the stories of our lives, becoming links to past times.

Her oil on board paintings are small intimate pieces, the image measure 13 x 18cm set in frames 23x 28cm.Architectural Reference_24x30cm by Roo Waterhouse

Her paintings on canvases are on the 3cm deep canvases, turning them simply from 2d pieces to objects in themselves.

Her fascination with books and bookshelves – and what they say about their owners, led her to start painting the stunning art works that you see at Orso Major.

You can see the paintings by Roo Waterhouse here

Prices range from £250 to £900

Please use the form below to enquire about the art by Roo Waterhouse

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