John Duffin talks about his etchings and paintings of London

In our interview with the artist you can hear John Duffin talking about his etchings and paintings of London, including his process from numerous sketches building into final paintings and etchings of landmarks known and loved by Londoners and visitors to this great city.

Janet Brooke talks about her Screen Prints of East London

Artist Janet Brooke RE talks about her screen prints of East London produced during the 1980s and 1990s when she was a resident of East London.  In this conversation with curator Gita Joshi, Janet Brooke talks about her inspiration and her process of making these vibrant prints of a London that was soon to disappear and be replaced by new building developments.

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Charlotte Proudlove studio visit

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the studio of Charlotte Proudlove, a fabulous artist working with found objects and sometimes taxidermy.  The ordinary industrial studio complex didn’t prepare us for the thrill that awaited us when Charlotte let us enter her den of creativity.

Continue reading

Artist Interview with Martin Sadler

Artist Martin Sadler talks about his work and creative process in our interview

1.What is your work about?

My still life paintings are all about light and colour and making simplicity of things.  I don’t have too much of me in the pictures.  They are about shapes.  And the cakes are very simple subjects made beautiful, about light and dark and colour.  In the still life paintings of lemons for example, I’m choosing greys to go with it, it is not what I am seeing but choosing the subtle colour combinations that I like Continue reading

Artist Interview with Julie Westbury

Artist Julie Westbury talks about her creative process in our interview

1. What is your work about?

My work is about depicting every day events and how two people would both see the same things and see it in different ways. My work is my view of it, some of it is real and some of it made up. People gossiping, chatting to each other and there to help and not help and some images have dark figures that appear like the black figures in Noh theatre. They make  everything ok, and they help you to get things right and perfect. Continue reading

Artists Interview with David Lyon

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

To create, in particular drawing and painting, is my vocation. I didn’t choose to do this, it chose me, and so the compulsion to create is inspirational in itself. To make marks on paper, canvas and board is good enough reason and my driving force. If you then add into the equation the ideas that take hold of the imagination, the things that resonate (in my case biology, poetry, music), the dreams and nightmares, aesthetics, an appreciation of the rustic, the imperfect, the decayed, the melancholic appeal of transient beauty, then you have more than inspiration you have a way of life. This is reflected in the many ways I choose to work, from the joyful, exuberant, vibrant, colourful paintings to the subdued, textural abstracts and darker figure studies.  Continue reading

Artists interview with Sarah Hamilton

1.        What is your work about?

Fundamentally it’s about contrasts – from colour, to texture and imagery. I love discovering colour combinations and learning how much they affect each other. My imagery reflects my passion for nature, from leaves, pebbles and birds, and my daydreams of living by the sea. It also documents my travels to Africa, USA, Europe, Mexico and Sri Lanka. Continue reading