Static Motion – New exhibition

Static Motion is an exhibition that takes Orso Major into the territory of abstract art where it has little ventured to date. Our new exhibition presents Frances Bloomfield, Tony Blackmore and Gill Smith.  They bring their work to Orso Major for the first time and all have the theme of illusion and motion running through their work.

We are delighted that our first foray in to abstract art is with some very talented artists. Frances Bloomfield who is a sought after artist, producing boxes with ‘improbable’ scenarios using wood, paper and other material.  Her work plays with the idea of scale and illusion. She shows around the UK and internationally and was recently commissioned for GTV at Salon del Mobile in Milan.

Tony Blackmore produces paper sculpture through a process of drawing and folding that creates 3-d reliefs with regimented precision.  His work plays with light as it passes over the surface of his artwork, giving movement to static forms. The paper folds create waves and illusions, and are set in relief in box frames.

Inspired by the shapes of the Art Deco period, Gill Smith uses embossing and debossing in her work to create relief against the flatness of the screen print.  Her work creates visual illusions that suggest motion.  She says “I am fascinated by visual perception – how the eye and the brain can work together either in harmony or tension. Much of my current work questions this relationship, and our understanding of reality and illusion”.

The exhibition runs from 28th July to 16th August 2015. A private view for the exhibition will take place on Tuesday 28th July at the gallery from 5.30 to 7.30pm. We would love for you to join us and hope you can make it!

You can see art from the exhibition here



Meet the Artist, 16th June 2015; Aiming for Eternity

Janet Brooke’s exhibition Aiming for Eternity continues at Gallery 101 at 101 Janet Brooke Aiming for EternityQueen Victoria St, London, EC4V  until 19th June 2015.

On Tuesday 16th June you can head over to the exhibition and meet the artist who will be available to talk about her work, her process and her inspiration.  Janet will be at the site from 11am so dont miss this chance to meet the artist.

Entry is free.

Empowering Artists – Talk at Morley College

As part of the series of talks titled Empowering Artists, Gallerist Gita Joshi will be presenting a talk at Morley College. If you are an artist or designer -maker, and particularly if you are taking part in any upcoming exhibitions or Open Studio events this winter then this talk is a must-attend event.

During this session, we’ll be considering how to maximise the visitor experience at your event. Learn how to build a mailing list and explore ways of staying in touch with visitors after your event. Review event and explore ways to hone your pitch and cover the key things to consider when preparing for an exhibition, show or craft fair.

The event will take place in room C21 at Morley College, Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 at 5.30pm on Tuesday 18th November.

You can see the event here

Cabinet of Curios – Art Exhibition London, October 2014

Cabinet of Curios is a new art exhibition at Orso Major Gallery, London that presents a series of intriguing art pieces that evoke curiosity much like the Victorian fascination for small things and found objects. The show includes work by Julie McKenzie, Shobhna Patel, Pen & Gravy, Charlotte Proudlove, Joe Silcott, and Gabriela Szulman.

Fascinating and intriguing pieces of art set in glass domes includes Charlotte Proudlove’s eery doll parts that were found in landfill on the site of a disused toy factory in Germany. Repurposed and given pride of place in domes and box frames, the doll parts are set on butterfly and bird wings, drawing on the artists fascination with taxidermy.

From Pen & Gravy we present some of his Reincarnated Relatives where the artist draws his signature swirly designs over a range of Victorian and Edwardian photographs still set in their original frames.

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Empowering Artists – Success for Artists Own Shows

As part of the Empowering Artists series of talks this August we will be having our third and final talk on Wednesday 20th August at 6pm.  This talk, titled Success for Artists Own Shows, will cover the things that you can do at your own exhibition or open studio to make sure it is the best show possible. 

As well as artists, the talk is suitable for designer makers who will find the information useful for craft fairs.

In this talk we will cover the things that you can do at your own exhibition, open studio, or stand at an artists fair to maximise the chances of having the best event possible.  The talk will include topics such as data capture, soft skills for selling, materials to have at the event, the visitor experience and follow up, amongst other things.  

Book your tickets here

The event will take place at the gallery at 19 Lower Marsh, SE1. The ticket price is £5

Empowering Artists – Gallery Talk covering the marketing timeline for artists own shows

As part of the Empowering Artists series of talks this August we will be having our second talk on Wednesday 13th August at 6pm.  This talk will cover a marketing timeline for artists own shows.

For artists and designer makers looking to take part in open studios or artist or craft fairs this autumn, this talk will offer invaluable information to make sure your own show reaches the widest audience possible.  The topics covered will include social media, printed material and press.

Book your tickets here

The event will take place at the gallery at 19 Lower Marsh, SE1. The ticket price is £5