Static Motion – New exhibition

Static Motion is an exhibition that takes Orso Major into the territory of abstract art where it has little ventured to date. Our new exhibition presents Frances Bloomfield, Tony Blackmore and Gill Smith.  They bring their work to Orso Major for the first time and all have the theme of illusion and motion running through their work.

We are delighted that our first foray in to abstract art is with some very talented artists. Frances Bloomfield who is a sought after artist, producing boxes with ‘improbable’ scenarios using wood, paper and other material.  Her work plays with the idea of scale and illusion. She shows around the UK and internationally and was recently commissioned for GTV at Salon del Mobile in Milan.

Tony Blackmore produces paper sculpture through a process of drawing and folding that creates 3-d reliefs with regimented precision.  His work plays with light as it passes over the surface of his artwork, giving movement to static forms. The paper folds create waves and illusions, and are set in relief in box frames.

Inspired by the shapes of the Art Deco period, Gill Smith uses embossing and debossing in her work to create relief against the flatness of the screen print.  Her work creates visual illusions that suggest motion.  She says “I am fascinated by visual perception – how the eye and the brain can work together either in harmony or tension. Much of my current work questions this relationship, and our understanding of reality and illusion”.

The exhibition runs from 28th July to 16th August 2015. A private view for the exhibition will take place on Tuesday 28th July at the gallery from 5.30 to 7.30pm. We would love for you to join us and hope you can make it!

You can see art from the exhibition here