Art Car Boot Fair, Vauxhall, London

Art Car Boot Fair returned to London this weekend taking place in Vauxhall close to Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery.

The event saw queues around the corner as art enthusiasts waited patiently in the July heat. And the wait was certainly worth it. Some big names were promised and the event delivered.

Bob and Roberta Smith presented paintings on boards starting at an affordable £50. Pure Evil was seen painting his characteristic figures, Gavin Turk was selling his ’emperors new clothes’ and Bruce McLean was signing prints. It was one hectic event and loads of fun, with music and food on hand as well.

A very busy art fair, it was difficult to get to the tables!

Affordable work on sale

Christopher Baxter’s Artist’s paint tins

Christopher Baxter’s Artist’s Relics set in vitrines

Adam Hennessey stand at Art Car Boot Fair.