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Adam Taylor Smith

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    Adam Taylor Smith

    London based artist who draws and paints on found papers

is a London based artist whose work captures his love of literature and storytelling. “I like there to be a sense of narrative about my work. However, I don’t necessarily want to tell the story, I want to provide the viewers with the material to create their own”.

He trawls through archives of old forgotten photographs and anonymous images. “There’s something so intriguing about an image that has been captured by an unknown hand, the vision of an unknown eye. There’s also often a lot of humour about an image from the past. They seem strange and surreal – often our immediate reaction to these past peculiarities is to laugh”.

The colour and vibrancy that a tropical bird injects into the page is unexpected and somehow immediately yanks it from the past – making it contemporary. It also becomes surreal and hopefully sparks the imagination of the viewer.

His ink drawings are a product of slightly different influences. Born in London and never having lived anywhere else, he often conjures fictional images of study’s in London town houses from bygone days, filled with anatomical drawings, taxidermy, curiosities and British flags.

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