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Frances Bloomfield

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    Frances Bloomfield


Frances Bloomfield is a sought after artist, producing boxes with ‘improbable’ scenarios using wood, paper and other material. Her work plays with the idea of scale and illusion. She shows around the UK and internationally and was recently commissioned for GTV at Salon del Mobile in Milan.

Frances Bloomfield lives and works Brighton. Following the completion of her degree in Fine Art from Ravensbourne College of Art she exhibited at several galleries including Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, Art Net and also at Documenta VI as a guest of Joseph Beuys.

Inspiration for the work comes from an eclectic range of sources: industrial ruins, geometry and wiring diagrams, detritus from the sea shore, unusual found objects and various texts including writing from R.D.Laing and Italo Calvino. Her work explores the layered narratives of dreams and the
‘improbable’ scenarios that we unconsciously construct. The depth and complexity of Frances Bloomfield’s dreamboxes offer the viewer a rich landscape for reflection. Curious juxtapositions of elements challenge
familiar meanings and open up new dialogues in a variety of settings – rural, industrial and most recently ‘domestique’.

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