Artist’s Open Studios – after the event

It seems social media has been filled with people promoting their artist’s Open Studios up and down the country and there seem to be more events each year.

The spring summer season for Open Studios draws to a close and in this post we’re going to look at what you can do after the Open Studios weekend (or weekends) have passed to stay in front of your audience, and keep it growing for your next event.

If you had a way for people to sign up to your mailing list at your studios, (and you really should have done!) then you need to add these addresses to your CRM, whether it is Mailchimp or any of the other service that you are using.

One of the best things an artist who has recently shown at open studios can do, is send an email to their (hopefully inflated) list to say thanks for coming to my Open Studio. It doesn’t take much effort to write a simple email, and add in some photos of how your studio looked, and some of the popular art works to remind them of your place. This is really important as it is quite likely the visitor went around several studios that same weekend. The visuals give a good reminder and put you back in their mind, especially if they were on the fence about making a purchase.

Add in links to your website or any place online where you are selling your work.

The next thing is to keep your social media feeds rolling. I’ve seen some artists social media profiles dry up after the event and that is such a shame.

Social media acts like a constant nurturing of your customers and visitors. You can post images of the event, how the studio looked, and visitors in your space or you can add images of art work that was on display at your Studios. Use tags like #flashback for example. Keeping your social media feed going means you will continue to grow or engage your audience for the next time you open.

Follow up any leads – if a gallery visited you, or perhaps a curator or stockist that showed an interest in your work, then now is the time to follow up on that lead.  Thank them for coming your studio and send any information they requested from you. And if appropriate even suggest a time for a phone call to discuss next steps.

Finally you want to sit down and think about the things people said of your work. You can use these as testimonials on your website and for the next time you are opening your studio space. It is best to do this as soon after the event as you can. In fact you could have been noting them over the weekend.

Artist’s Open Studios is just one part of your arsenal of ways of getting in front of your audience, so don’t think of it as an isolated event. Use the tips above and they’ll help you have an even better event next time!