Take a Seat by Janet Brooke

Take a Seat by Janet Brooke


56 x 76cm

Screen print and mono print

Edition of 10

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Take a Seat by Janet Brooke is a complex screen print and mono print and part of the exhibition titled ‘The Way we Were’ at Orso Major Gallery.

The exhibition features street architecture and run down shop fronts from the 1980s to 2000.  In the case of the shop fronts, the build up of signage, paint, labels and notices are applied one on top of another, echoing the ever changing nature of London in particular.

Drawn to the texture and the washed out signage with fading and flaking paint on the walls, Janet captures these images of shop fronts and street furniture using monoprint to get the texture of the scrubbed out walls. Once satisfied with the build up of texture, a complex multi-layered screen print is applied.

She says of ‘Take a Seat’

“This faded wall sign on the Bow Road, complete with faded bench and Tennants Super can seemed to sum up urban loneliness”

Brooke was inspired to capture these neglected aspects of our urban environment, recognising that soon they would be gone, and the memory of them would fade much like the paint on the fascia. You can hear more about Janet Brooke’s screen prints of East London here.

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