Kaleidoscope by Joe Silcott SOLD

Beautiful hand cut butterflies in Ben Day Dot paper, set in a white box frame measuring 50x50cm, by artist Joe Silcott.

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£600 each


Kaleidoscope by Joe Silcott is available in four colours. Each is an original artwork of hand cut butterflies in a selection of coloured papers in a circle formation set in a white box frame.

Kaleidoscope is available in red, yellow, blue and green. The central butterfly in each formation is the complementary colour to the rest of the artwork.

His butterflies are created from Ben Day Dot paper and each butterfly is individually hand cut. He says “I really enjoy the process of collage, layering and texturing various elements from disparate sources and combining these to create a cohesive whole. I use and recycle imagery taken from advertising as well as the rhythm and patterns of found imagery and wrapping papers which I then cut up to create a newly ordered image. As well as their obvious natural beauty, I agree with the Eastern belief of butterflies as bringers of joy and being the essence of happiness.”

The exquisite hand cut butterflies arranged in a circle formations by Joe Silcott is made of various coloured papers of different textures.  Joe’s inspiration for his recent work comes primarily from Nature and in particular butterflies, moths and the folklore and mythology surrounding these specific insects, to produce work with a narrative quality. He says “I like the school of thought that butterflies represent the soul, and also the parallels drawn between their life cycle and that of the life, death and resurrection of Christ. I tend to work in series and as well as interpreting butterfly myth and folklore”


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