West Beach by Julia McKenzie

West beach screen print edition of 30. The map in this print covers the Whitstable and Herne Bay area and a design features various coastal creatures and fauna.


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Julia McKenzie

Artist Julia McKenzie is a South London based artist who trained at Camberwell School of Art.

Working from her South London studio in her garden, Julia McKenzie’s inspiration comes from living in the city and the natural landscapes around us. Her work starts with drawings which evolve into intricately detailed laser cut designs or screen prints, often of the the hidden or concealed insect or bird life that live alongside us in the city.

 She says of her work “My work is primarily drawing based layered with paper cuts and collage. I also produce limited edition prints.”

“My work is about seeking out and examining traces of nature and fragile glimpses of things that have existed, natural or man made in my immediate environment. I work in a studio in my garden and much of my work is based on what I find and see as I journey up and down from my house to the studio or in my travels to different parts of the coast and countryside. My drawings form a bridge between my urban living and the natural world.”

“I look for bones, plants, insects and birds. I like residues and husks of animals, plants or minerals that have survived long enough for me to find and examine. I celebrate the fragile, the forgotten, the broken and the beautiful.”

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