Chichirika by Maria Rivans

Chichirika by Maria Rivans

56 x 76cm unframed

Chichirika by Maria Rivans features actress Elissa Landi. This is a limited edition print of 50.


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Chichirika by Maria Rivans features silver screen actress Elissa Landi.

Colour Screenprint with Varnish Edition of 50 on Fabriano Artistico 300gsm Deckled Edge

Maria’s collages are works of her very personal vision commenting on this world of change, beauty, diversity and mystery. They explore the idea of existing alternate realities and fantastical other worlds which transport us into a surreal and exciting universe.

The Pin-up series has been evolving rapidly. Each individual movie star develops their own firm identity, as if they were a solid memorable character starring in one of Rivans’ invented scripts. These leading ladies have been highly influenced by strong female actors like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford who made a huge impression on Rivans when she was a child. The Pin-up characters hold qualities of women who are particularly empowered and have recently been named after famous women explorers and inventors.

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