Nelson’s Library by Roo Waterhouse

Nelson’s Library by Roo Waterhouse SOLD

18 x 13 cm image size – Oil on board,

Framed size 28 x 23cm

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Nelson’s Library  by Roo Waterhouse is an original oil painting on board.  It measures 18 x  13 cm.  In this painting the artist presents the popular orange penguin books lined up with hardback books.  The books are presented some with their fading covers others with well worn spines.

In her work Roo likes to observe and contemplate the (extra)ordinary things of everyday life depicting objects in situ, often larger than life. She loves to paint using oils – the traditional medium of reverential portraiture. Her beautifully detailed oil paintings observe and appreciate our relationships with the often unnoticed familiar artefacts in our everyday surroundings; exploring how they can hold onto the stories of our lives, becoming links to past times.

‘’The ‘moments of awareness’ which I portray are those when suddenly we become aware of ourselves really looking at objects we normally pay little attention to in the course of our everyday lives.

By capturing these moments and preserving them in paint I seek to pay homage to those things around us which we often may take for granted, and to remind us to stop and appreciate them.

My life and art are strongly influenced by the attachment that develops between us and the ordinary tools of domestic life which we accumulate in our homes; each resonate with their own story and together form a narrative, an echo of personal and family identity. I paint ‘portraits’ of these cherished belongings which play such an essential role in our everyday lives: hairpins on a dressing table; a drawer full of stationary; a row of books on a shelf….’’