Screen Prints by Janet Brooke

The Screen prints by Janet Brooke take the East London landscape during the 1980s and 1990s as their subject matter.

Brooke says ” I was already a printmaker but unsure of my subject matter until I acquired my first serious camera and began recording what was on my doorstep.  I started with a series of prints of local corner shops and pubs. all now gone of course.”

“I began turning these images into screen prints, a process that at its best involves a complex mixture of detailed planning and happy accident, with the rich and vibrant quality of colour being achieved by many layers of overprinting. So just to add to the mix, the process itself has a lot in common with the subject matter i.e. the way that cities are constantly changing with each successive generation adding a new layer to what went before.”

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You can hear a conversation with the artist here where she discusses her screen prints of East London with Curator, Gita Joshi.

Janet Brooke

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