Studio Visit – Stephane Godec

I’ve been watching Stephane’s work evolve over a couple of years so it was interesting to finally meet the man that makes these book sculptures. At his home studio we looked over a selection of his work and it is interesting to see how he is evolving his craft.

This evolved into a stack of books being stuck together to create a block which he then carved to create a new form that often resembled a cliff side or edge of a rock face. Most recently with these works he has introduced model figures which emphasises the notion of the book as a landscape, as figures are posed sunbathing or standing on an imaginary waters edge.

Stephane 4


At his home studios a tall pile of hardback books towers against the wall and leans into the dresser. Some were bought, some were given to him by friends and family, keen to see the artist develop his craft. The dresser was cleared to become a display case for his his latest works.

The newest pieces to his repertoire are hard back books which are carved into so the book becomes a box frame.

The pictures from within the book are cut out and then set back into the aperture, deliberately filling the void. The result is a busy and is lively composition.


Stephane Book Sculpture Stephane Book Sculptures

While there are other artists that produce work in a similar vein, Stephane’s work is evolving. He now takes inspiration from the book as a starting point.

He has built up a collection of model figures, which too inspire the narrative of his pieces from the start of the process.

Stephane dome

“I’m not planning to do any more arts markets now,” he says. The popularity of his work means he is due to raise his prices and as such, his work no longer fits into the price point of most arts markets. We talked about his next steps, which he sees as working with galleries or showing at artists fairs.

We may well be collaborating soon, so watch this space!